Ohio Is Four Brothers EP

by Ghost Blood

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Recorded in the Wille Basement


released May 29, 2012

Caleb Porter - Drums
Marcos Wille - Bass
Michael Steck - Guitar and Vocals

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Michael Steck



all rights reserved


Ghost Blood Harrison, New York

Ghost Blood is Michael Steck, Caleb Porter and Marcos Wille making loud music. Expect more jamz/shows in the coming months!

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Track Name: Slant
Mock me baby
Where it twists
Where it hurts and tickles
Where the skin creases
And I saw skin through your tights

As an objector
to my habits
or the shit I say
or the shit I do
and that is how I remember you

No crossing
We're stuck
It's dirty
Orange rust.
Track Name: Free Space
Daily force puts my
head upon the sheets
of the same source for
whoever I meet
well they just move in pleasing ways
and my excitement is gone
after days

Driving so far to be
held in the arms
but growing so sick on the
sweetest of charms
I clamor breathe
I struggle with shower
I rise with the sun
But grow like no flower

And as for the calendar
of my days
it hung itself
in varied literal ways
but the ink was dry
and therefore, it could not die
so I rise early for all my engagements
and I dress to clean for those
dirty basements
Track Name: Film
Falling fast and hard through bridges of iron
the melted cast I've come to admire

And I have become
the same as I was

Death on a sunny slope
and all we are twisting
into the vision of some adolescent wishing
that we could be alone
that time could heal our broken bones
that sounds were more than tones
Track Name: Myths
Walking alongside two
haunted faces their
souls bitter and
battered by wind and
I was one with the
misery and it
echoed in tones
against the walls of the room
bleeding through the eyes,
bold in their slaughter
as all men would like to be,
and as long as I write
with anxiety
I can feel the blood
in my veins and
in my fucking arms

the surprise is centered
on the truth within my lies
and you kissed away my passion
a ghost vampire in drunken disguise

whatever and nothing